Standing Up For One of Our Own

SUPPORT Rain-Marie Robertson.

On October 18, 2018 Renita Robertson, mother of Rain-Marie Robertson, suffered from a heart attack and passed away. Rain is one of us. 

At school, she was influential in the student body and recognized as a positive, generous sophomore by peers and teachers. Rain is currently living with her grandmother in Arizona. Renita was Rain's role model, inspiration, and biggest supporter. Rain misses her mom every day and through the funeral she strives to celebrate her mother's life and make sure that her mother is put to rest in a respectful way.

Join us in helping Rain with the funeral services for her mom. Support Rain and make a difference by donating from your heart. This is the time for students to help other students and stand up for them. HELP Rain. STAND UP for her. 

  • Raised: $1534
  • Goal: $1000
25 Donors

Ashley and Four Orphan Siblings

RAISE A HAND for the Robersons.

Imagine being a Mom for four siblings at the young age of 10. That is the story of Ashley Roberson who became the primary caretaker of her family when her mom Donna was diagnosed with cancer.

Read the story of Donna's last days.

The death of Ashley’s mother in 2014 brought a new trauma when her siblings were taken away and placed in foster care.  She didn’t give up and was relentless in her fight to keep her family intact. She adopted her brothers as her children.  Today, as a family they struggle for basic necessities, but they live as ONE united family under one roof with Donna looking after them from above.

The purpose of this fund is to assist Ashley with the basic necessities that we take for granted. Today, Ashley works two jobs waiting tables but does not generate enough income for the family to be self-sufficient.  Her belief in the value and ideology of family is a true inspiration to all of us. We can raise a hand and make a difference by donating to this worthy cause. 

    • Raised: $5468
    • Goal: $5000
    25 Donors

    Supporting our Cause