Ashley and Four Orphan Siblings

RAISE A HAND for the Robersons.

Imagine being a Mom for four siblings at the young age of 10. That is the story of Ashley Roberson who became the primary caretaker of her family when her mom Donna was diagnosed with cancer. Read the story of Ashley and Donnas last days.

I met Donna at a housing celebration that her case manager arranged for her at the Embry Rucker Community Shelter. After months of being literally homeless, ten days in Reston Interfaith?s Hypothermia Program and more than 30 days at the Embry Rucker Community Shelter, Donna was finally moving into a home again. As a new member of the Reston Interfaith staff, I was delighted to help recognize this client?s milestone, and I admit, a bit curious to meet her. I, like many people, conjure up a variety of perceptions of the homeless. Meeting Donna will forever change those perceptions for me.

I arrived to find the shelter busy with its usual activity: clients coming from or departing for appointments, volunteers delivering donations, staff managing the reception desk and preparing food for its 70 residents. I worked my way to a handful of clients gathered around a cake and found Donna, a frail, gray-haired woman with gentle blue eyes. She could have passed for anyone?s grandmother.

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