asa is a non-profit organization with a mission to build a world for children where there is hope and future. Our purpose is simple. We want to aid the underprivileged in our society.

What makes us different? We are CHILDREN fighting for CHILDREN in pursuit of equality.

The idea to form asa came after a life changing visit to India in 2016. I visited the rural areas where children were deprived of the little things in life we take for granted. It was a daunting experience to see them fight for survival.

Upon my return, I was left unsettled. That firsthand experience in India still left memories and a vital cause unaddressed. Memories of children begging and sleeping on the streets kept playing in my mind. It scared me to think that no one could help them or lay the path for them to pursue their dreams. How could it be otherwise?

In the heart of Mumbai, I saw children starve and fight for water.

In the town of Guntur, I saw children with minimal clothing to cover their grim skin.

In the streets of Hyderabad, I saw children use makeshift tents as a substitute for homes.

I saw no sense of hope in their eyes. I saw true poverty. But, what could I do to make a difference in their lives? What change did I want to see?

The next few months, I spent time meeting with likeminded teenagers and organizations to determine my next steps. It was evident that many wanted to be the voice of fellow children.

Hence, asa was born.

THE BIRTH OF asa - January 18, 2017



aSPIRE to deliver on a child's dream of brighter tomorrow.

sERVE to become a symbol of another childs hope

aCHIEVE to make a difference in shaping a childs future


Supporting our Cause